Microsoft MD-100 Exam Study Guide

If you came here looking for study guidance, I will try and do my best to let you know how I would approach the exam.

I would definitely follow the guidance from Mark O’Shea here:

After going through all the links, here is a list of the items that I think you should definitely put some effort into knowing, it may help, it may not, but this is what I would study from reading the syllabus.

What Should I study SCCMSimon?

Here’s my Top Ten

  1. Definitely know inside out your NTFS and Share permissions and processes. Local access\SMB
  2. BitLocker – what is required for BitLocker, different SKU and BitLocker, TPM, drive partitions
  3. Provisioning Packages – what can be deployed
  4. Regedit – types of files saved\deleted\different types of registry branch\sub-keys
  5. Backups and types of files created
  6. Windows Updates – different servicing plans
  7. Client bandwidth & optimisation, branch ache, peer cache, delivery optimisation
  8. Difference between Pro/Enterprise/SAAS
  9. Managing Start Menu – Knowing the XML and process
  10. Modern Deployment Options – Intune – Definitely- this is a Modern Desktop exam after all 🙂

This was a very brief description of what I would study, know number 1 inside out, this could be the difference between passing the exam or not, I cannot stress this enough, if you use Windows 10 in an admin role and are responsible for End User Compute full time, then you should be OK. Try to remember that this is the MS world, not real life, don’t make assumptions in the questions, if the question says choose the best option or select two, take the answers that are relevant to the question, not real life, don’t presume anything in, check that the computer is in a domain or workgroup. Other suggestions would be to read the questions twice, note your first answer (thats normally the correct one) only change if you are 100% sure it is correct.

There may be a couple of scenario base questions, read ALL the information given, keep reading it if necessary, again do not presume, once you get to the last question DO NOT CLICK FINISH until you are sure you have answered them as best as you can, as you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PRESS ‘GO BACK’, once you click that button, that scenario is over, finished, gone, so be warned! I think that is as much as I would like to say, I don’t believe that I have violated the NDA as described below:


As per the Microsoft Page

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I have not made any part of the exam available, disclosed any part of the exam content or any part of a question/questions, I have only given advice of what I would study if I were to take the exam, all the above information is freely available on the relevant MS website or 3rd part websites that I do not have control over or am connected to in anyway. I have based my content upon reading the official MS page for the exam and making a best effort as to the areas that would be most beneficial to a test taker