MD-101 Study Guide – Part 3

So, I have been reading quite a lot today as I am not working, and I decided to use my time effectively by looking at the exam requirements (seeing as I am taking MD-101 this coming Saturday!) I am going to write down some info according to the exam requirements that are being tested. So today its…drumroll please…Deploying and Managing Windows 10..TaDaaahh (or not as the case may be, sometimes certifications have to be completed for work reasons, and this is one of them unfortunately)

  • Fresh start and Wipe Actions – What versions of Windows e.g 8.1/10 etc
  • Provisioning packages – How device names are created and applied
  • Update Rings – How to use them and apply using Configuration Manager
  • How to register computers in Azure AD and enroll computers in Intune
  • How to upgrade computers from earlier versions of Windows, what the supported configurations are;BIOS/UEFI MBR/GPT disk for example
  • How to configure Windows Hello for Business, what the options are for using it?
  • How to deploy hundreds of computers in Azure or using AutoPilot to join Azure AD, how to upgrade from Pro to Enterprise
  • How AutoPilot can be configured and deployed
  • How to configure Windows Updates and Windows Updates for Business
  • How to configure profiles for Mobile Management
  • How to use Log Analytics
  • How Group Policy works with MDM
  • Upgrade Readiness reports – what they contain and how to read them
  • And yes, you still need to know how to use System Center Configuration Manager and MDT for deploying Operating Systems and managing them, it isn’t going away (don’t believe everything you read, especially from ‘Cloud Only’ partners/vendors)

So that’s Part, I can almost guarantee that if you study all of the above in detail, you will score very highly on this part of the exam.

Part 4 will be all about managing Apps and Data, Oh what joy!