MD-101 Study Guide – Part 2

Modern Desktop

Microsoft list the benefits of Modern Desktop as ease of deployment and management, intelligent security built-in with proactive insights into the device estate which is always up to date, and we’re not talking about just Windows 10 either, think iOS and Android for the exam questions. As I have taken the exam previously I am going to concentrate my efforts on where I need to improve, your study plan may be different, but I will list what I can if I think it will help anyone else.

What does actually mean for someone taking the exam? You gotta learn all about the following!

Ease of Deployment and Management = Windows AutoPilot, Provisioning Packages, Out OF Box Experience, joining Azure AD (AAD), users files, apps and preferences across AAD,

Intelligent Security = Microsoft Defender , Windows Hello, Advanced Threat Protection, Windows Intelligent Protection, Azure Identity Protection, Conditional Access and more

Always Up to Date = Windows 10 and Office 365 Updates. How to configure, what are deployment rings, what can be deferred, how long for, why would you do that?

Proactive Insights = telemetry and cloud intelligence, think about upgrading Windows 10 and device analytics, what are the steps to implement this, do I use a .csv file or .xml?

On Premise AD + Azure AD Functionality – A list of available actions when the device is on-premise AD joined and using AD-connect to manage devices using the following Intune Features (Hybrid Azure AD Joined)

Remote Actions available are:

Factory Reset

Selective Wipe

Delete Device

Restart Device

Fresh Start

A list of available actions when ‘Orchestrated’ with Intune

Compliance Policies

Resource Access Policies

Windows Update Policies

Endpoint Protection

Device Configuration

Office Click-to-Run apps

There is a video embedded below from Microsoft about Modern Desktop that is available on YouTube and I have just linked through to it.I claim no copyright to the video and will remove it if requested.