How I am prepping for the MS-500 Microsoft 365 Security Administration Exam (Beta) – Part 1

Some reading and some good old labs 🙂 There is a lot of new resource for this new certification if you are a little bit sneaky and know where to look for it, it’s free and from MS, so it ‘should’ in theory fit in with exam requirements.

Where Do I Find The Info SCCMSimon? Well……as long as you don’t tell anyone else I will let you in on where I found the training and you do have to jump through some hoops to get to it, but it is worth it, especially, if like me, you are a consultant who depends upon being always open to learning new technologies to earn the money, it sucks but its unfortunately true, anyways, I kinda like it, things never get old, unlike my good self!

So Come On Then……Try this first as it is the easiest way, you can get to the MS-500 info through OpenEdEx  hopefully you will be able to get to the content without being MS Partner, if it doesn’t work then it is as simple as being an MS partner or belonging to an org that is a partner, MS are making more and more training available online for free to encourage uptake in the ‘Cloud’ world, and why wouldn’t they encourage a subscription based service and have independent consultants sell it for them, and it costs MS next to nothing to enable this…..pretty smart thinking in there somewhere, lets hope that the majority of SMB’s feel the same way and don’t see the sub model as a never ending drain on the companies limited annual IT or maybe in-total IT/tech budget.

Ok, so enough of the waffle, share some stuff, okey dokey, here’s a direct link to the MS-500 web page which I am using for my training. There is also a Small Business Training Library

I will update the page as I go with relevant content and hopefully some notes to help me remember, the more I type/write etc. the more I remember it, having ADHD makes life somewhat difficult and I haven’t found a learning method yet that I can use to help with remembering mind numbingly boring but necessary info!

Oh yes, almost forgot the important link, you can get to the MS-500 info through OpenEdEx  hopefully you will be able to get to the content without being a

2018 MMSDE morning hike 🙂

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