How I am prepping for the MS-500 Microsoft 365 Security Administration Exam (Beta) – Part 2

Well that was a quick update….right the OpenEdEx course is split into 5 parts

Managing Microsoft 365 Identity and Access is 8 hours long….gulp……i have 4, yes, that 4 days before I sit this exam.

So if each section is about 8 hours, thats 40 hours in training in 4 days! Guess who’s going to be a busy person then…and I stayed up and watched the Super Bowl last night and as I live in Europe, it was a very late night, about 0330 I think…..

Creating users with Windows PowerShell

If you prefer Windows PowerShell, you can use the New-MsolUser cmdlet to create an account in Microsoft 365.

New-MsolUser -UserPrincipalName username@domainname –DisplayName “Firstname Lastname” –FirstName “Firstname” –LastName “Lastname”` 

For example:

New-MsolUser –UserPrincipalName <a href="" title="" target="_blank" data-generated=''></a> –DisplayName “Stella Carrillo” – FirstName “Stella” –LastName “Carrillo” 

This cmdlet can also assign a user license at the same time so that the user can start accessing online services. You can also directly assign a Microsoft 365 license during user creation. This is done using the -UsageLocation and -LicenseAssginment parameters with the New-MsolUser cmdlet. For example, the following cmdlet creates a user account for Stella Carrillo and assigns an Enterprise Premium Microsoft 365 license to the new account:

New-MsolUser –UserPrincipalName –DisplayName “Stella Carrillo” – FirstName “Stella” –LastName “Carrillo” –UsageLocation “US” –LicenseAssignment “Adatum: ENTERPRISEPREMIUM”